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ToysMax,a comprehensive trading company, located at the well-known motherland of toys- ChengHai Shantou. The foundation of ToysMax,is supported by the well-acknowledged R/C toys manufacturer--Long Xiang Toys Co. 

Ltd. It is a break-through of resources sharing and consolidation. ToysMax, on the behalf of Long Xiang Toys, provides a superior platform for better interaction with the customers as well as the most direct channel for better 

propagation of the new products. ToysMax inherited the spirit of overcoming the hardship and the attitude of persistent in achieving whatever targeted goals from the inventor of Long Xiang Toys.
Involving in all toys trading, especially in the high-end toys, ToyMax cultivates a sophisticated and capable sales team, on the behalf of our customers, providing exceptional services such as offering effective suggestions of 

various products for the specific markets.
Besides, ToysMax makes up a professional team, which is instructed by the outstanding technical experts of Long Xiang Toys, particularly providing services on OEM and ODM for the customers.  Long Xiang Toys is a large scale 

of toys manufacturer and supplier which was well established in 1992, specializing in all kinds of plastic and electronic toys production. Possessing contemporary building complex of manufacturing, molding center and assembly 

lines, Long Xiang Toys Co. has introduced advanced equipments and production craftwork, adopted divisional management and emphasized on the innovative product design. Main products include R/C Stunt cars, R/C 

Helicopters and other electrical toys, as well as high-tech Art & Craft. Deprived from the tenet of "Scientific management and regimented production, product series categorization, quality first and customers foremost" Long 

Xiang Toys enjoys a well-acknowledged reputation in the toys field.
Integrity is what ToyMax founded as the root spirit, we commit to a strong moral and ethical code of conduct, striving to continuously build trust with our customers, associates and suppliers. Quality is where ToyMax 

determined it as the evergreen element in business. Creation is the constituent how ToyMax distinguished ourselves from the competitors. We deeply realized that the fast development of the economic and the progressively 

mature of the market development, toys industry has become highly competitive day by day, which reminded us of to follow the market closely so as to meet the customer’s needs, considering how to provide a variety of toys 

species, how to control the product quality, how to provide products worthy of buying, making our customers home feeling, service foremost is the tenet that we insisted, humility is our continuously learning attitude, a winning 

culture is what we aim to provide an environment that enables our customers and suppliers to achieve and celebrate success together.
ToysMax sincerely welcome all companies, both domestically and internationally, to cooperate with us for a better future!
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